Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association
Ell's Angels - Captain: Rachel Schuler
Welcome to our 2nd annual NoCo DS Walk!  Help us connect with, support, and celebrate those with Down syndrome in our communities!

Reasons Why We Love Ella:


  • That indomitable spirit!
  • Her unconditional love for others
  • She brings joy to all who know her
  • Extra chromosome = dance chromosome!

Come celebrate Ella and all those with Down syndrome on Saturday, September 15th!

Team Donors
Jillian Ryen
Jacob Diebold
Sawyer's family
Jerry & Wendy Kittleson
Uncle Wayde and Auntie Taryn!
Rachel Schuler
Stengby Family
Leslie Reisenauer
Carrie and John Lucero
Susan Sasson
Sylvia & arthur
Team Goal

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