Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association
Barrett's Buddies - Captain: Tori Beek
Welcome to the first ever NoCo Down Syndrome Walk!  We are thrilled that you will be walking with us to raise awareness for Down syndrome in our communities!

We are so excited to be a part of the NoCo Down Syndrome Walk for 2017!!!

Whether you are walking or donating, we want you to know that we appreciate your love & support! Thank you!

Team Donors
Londyn, Taegen, Trig, Jude, and Quinn MaryAnn
Ashley Mitchek
Tara Webster
Kara Uhland
Aimee Hutson
Kent & Julie Sramek
Penni Shalberg
DeNell Ackerman & family
Cassie Pelton turner
Shanee Edwards
Magdalen Hellmer
Diane Smith
Barb Kernan
Myka Ryser
Tami Brown
Team Goal

Team Registrants
April Zemyan
Lexi Roberts
Gavin Powell
Kellen Sramek
Geretta Ball
Tami Brown
Aimee Hutson
Kahlee Penny
Trey Brown
Julia Sramek
Kodi Ellis
Ray Brown
Nikki Powell
Londyn Jo Eiring
Marilyn Brown
Emily Jacobs
Margaret Grant
Kent Sramek
DeNell Ackerman
Chelsea Danielson
Sandie Roth
Diana Danielson
Quinn MaryAnn Roberts
Jude Roberts
Ashley Sramek
Tori Beek
Dennis Beek
Cameron Sramek
Barrett Beek
Russell Ball
Owen Powell
Cameron Penny
Robin Brown








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