Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association
Brady's Bunch - Captain: Tena Green
Welcome to the first ever NoCo Down Syndrome Walk!  We are thrilled that you will be walking with us to raise awareness for Down syndrome in our communities!

Welcome to Brady's Bunch!  

B- belly laughs

R - rocks the extra chromosome

A - adept at making friends

D - determined to get his way

Y - yep, he's pretty awesome


Thank you for registering/donating to our team.  We are stronger together and having a community of support is essential.  All funds raised go to our local Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association.  Thus, allowing more events and resources to happen in our area for Brady, his family, and his friends.

- Brady's Bunch 2017

Team Donors
Julie Major
Sarah Schooley
Terri Hewitt
Pamela Christy
Becky Roberson
Jen Schweizer
Beth Honecker
Eli Green
Annie James
Catherine Teck
The Sutliffs
Darin Paine
Rachel Paine
Melendy family
Sarah Portillo
Karen Raymond
Kristen Williamson
Dylan Green
Carol Bryngelson
Frank Lombardozzi
Kiley Brooks
Tena Green
My Goal









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