Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association
Emma's Entourage - Captain: Brianne Snell
Welcome to the first ever NoCo Down Syndrome Walk!  We are thrilled that you will be walking with us to raise awareness for Down syndrome in our communities!
Emma is our 9 (going on 39) year old daughter. She is an amazing little girl that lights up any room she walks in. She is getting ready to enter into the 4th grade and couldn't be more excited about it! We'll see how excited she is after a few weeks..... :) She loves her Disney movies and her Barbie's. She is such a loving, caring, nurturing little person. Currently, when she grows up she wants to be a dog brumer (groomer), a vet, and a police officer. 
Team Donors
Becky Horne
Kylie Kusser
Staci Emmons
Jeff Riley
Anonymous Anonymous
Michelle Ybarra
Lynn Venghaus
Team Goal









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